John C. Raines



Age: 84


Summary: anti-Vietnam War protestor and longtime professor of social ethics at Temple University who was recently revealed as one of eight activists (including his wife Bonnie) who take part in a 1971 burglary of an FBI field office in Media, Pennsylvania in which 1,000 files were stole (among the files was an FBI order to interview dissidents aggressively) as the burglary and subsequent lawsuits by the media prompted a groundbreaking investigation in 1975 by the so-called Church committee in a special Senate panel led by Sen. Frank Church, but the committee revealed details of the FBI's secret Cointelpro (or counterintelligence) operation, which included illegal sabotage of dissident groups deemed to be subversive and the statute of limitations for burglary charges expired in 1976.



Cause of Death: Congestive heart failure


Born: October 27, 1933


Died: November 12, 2017


Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania