Ion Croitoru


Age: 53

Canadian professional wrestler known as Johnny K-9 to wrestling fans who competed in several Canadian wrestling promotions including Stampede Wrestling and later wrestled for New Japan Pro Wrestling, Smoky Mountain Wrestling, and the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in the 1980's, but who was booked to win titles in several other promotions and was also known for his history of legal problems including convictions for assault, trafficking cocaine and bombing a police station after becoming a member of the United Nations biker gang, who was arrested in 2005 and charged in the cold-blooded 1998 unsolved murders of criminal defence lawyer Lynn Gilbank and her husband Fred, but the prosecution in that case ended because of insufficient evidence after a lengthy investigation.

Cause of Death: Natural causes

Born: December 7, 1963

Died: February 21, 2017

Toronto, Canada