Hodaya Asulin



Age: 21


Summary: Israeli ninth-grade student at Ulpana Tehilla Girls' School in Jerusalem, Israel who had been hospitalized in a coma for six-and-a-half years but never regained consciousness after being critically wounded when she was 14 in a March 2011 terrorist attack that left her with severe brain damage while she was waiting at a bus stop near the Jerusalem International Convention Center when a bomb hidden in a bag behind a telephone booth exploded, killing 59-year-old British tourist Mary Jean Gardner and injured more than 30 other civilians in the incident, who remained in a vegetative state for the past six years after suffering serious head injuries since the explosion and whose condition deteriorated over the past two weeks.



Cause of Death: Injuries sustained in a bomb attack


Born: April 8, 1996


Died: November 22, 2017


Location: Jerusalem, Israel