Heley de Abreu Silva Batista


Age: 43

Brazilian schoolteacher who gained notability after she was awarded the National Order of Merit for her heroism in an act of courage to save several children from a fire set deliberately by a mentally-ill security guard after spraying gasoline over the children with flammable alcohol and setting fire to the building at the Innocent Children's People Municipal Education Centre nursery in Janauba, Brazil during the horrific Oct. 5, 2017 arson attack known as the Tragedy of Janauba, killing at least eight children along with the guard himself and also injured around 50 other people as the blaze spread through the daycare center in an attack which has horrified the nation, who had suffered burns to 90 percent of her body as a result of the fire and was considered a heroine.

Cause of Death: Burns sustained in a suspected arson attack

Born: August 12, 1974

Died: October 5, 2017

Janauba, Brazil