Heather Snyder



Age: 31


Summary: server at the Red Robin restaurant in the Denver, Colorado area who was among the 70 survivors wounded in the 2012 Aurora, Colorado theater shooting that killed 12 people while she was celebrating a fellow co-worker's 27th birthday along with a group of 12 Red Robin restaurant employees and whose co-worker Alex Sullivan was killed by the gunfire, but who had to have her index and middle finger amputated after the rampage by a lone gunman on July 20, 2012 at a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises at the Century Aurora 16 movie theater, who testified that the shooting began about 15 minutes after the movie began and she felt a burning sensation on her left arm and sharp pain in her left leg after the gunman began shooting.



Cause of Death: Unknown causes


Born: October 8, 1986


Died: December 3, 2017


Location: Centennial, Colorado