Harold Hayes


Age: 94

last surviving member of a band of airborne American medics and nurses who crashed-landed in Nazi-occupied Albania in 1943 and survived German attacks, blizzards, and horrific privations on a 600-mile trek to their rescue on the Adriatic coast whose survival of the 30 noncombatants was a long-held secret of World War II and included the story of 13 female nurses, 13 male medics, and the four-man crew of a medical evacuation plane who were stranded behind enemy lines for nine weeks hiding in villages and caves in wintry mountains, afflicted with lice and dysentery, often near starvation and hunted by German patrols.

Cause of Death: After surgery to remove a blod clot from his leg

Born: April 11, 1922

Died: January 22, 2017

Medford, Oregon