Gilbert Baker


Age: 65

artist and gay rights activist who in 1978 hand-dyed and stitched together eight stripes of vibrantly colored fabric into a rainbow flag by instantly creating an enduring international symbol of gay pride after he was often asked by friends to make banners for protests and marches as the gay rights movement spread from San Francisco and New York in the 1970's, whose creations like others during that time often included the pink triangle, which protestors had claimed as an icon after its initial use by the Nazis to identify gay men in concentration camps during World War II when assassinated San Francisco city supervisor and gay rights leader Harvey Milk joined others to create an emblem to represent the movement before a gay pride parade in 1978, who with help from volunteers had filled trash cans with dye in the attic of the Gay Community Center and pieced together the first flags by unveiling them in the parade on June 25, 1978.

Cause of Death: In his sleep

Born: June 2, 1951

Died: March 31, 2017

New York City, New York