Fadwa Suleiman


Age: 47

Syrian outspoken actress and activist known for her performances in numerous plays and on TV shows and series who took center stage at anti-government protests in the early days of the uprising against President Bashar Assad (she hailed from Assad's minority Alawite sect and became a hero to many for taking a stand against his family's decades-old rule), who often appeared at peaceful protests in the central city of Homs, Syria by giving speeches to inspire the crowds alongside local soccer star and armed opposition fighter Abdelbasset Sarout and soon became a rare female icon of the rebellion, urging protesters to remain peaceful and focused on their demand for freedom and justice, but who disguised her appearance and was smuggled out of neighboring Jordan, then continued to Paris, France in exile in 2012.

Cause of Death: Cancer

Born: May 17, 1970

Died: August 17, 2017

Paris, France