Daniele Djamila Amrane-Minne


Age: 77

French-Algerian political activist and writer who was one of the few European women convicted for assisting the National Liberation Front during the Algerian War from 1956 to 1962 whose mother Jacqueline Netter-Minne-Guerroudj (d. 2015) and her stepfather Abdelkader Guerroudj were both condemned to death as accomplices of Communist militant Fernand Iveton, the only European who was guillotined for his part in the Algerian revolt, but her mother was never executed partly due to a campaign on her behalf conducted by French philospher and feminist writer Simone de Beauvoir (her stepfather was also freed), who was sentenced to seven years in prison by a juvenile tribunal in 1957 but opted for the Algerian nationality following independence in 1962 and later worked at the University of Algiers, then became professor of history and feminist studies at the University of Toulouse since 1999.

Cause of Death: Lengthy illness

Born: August 13, 1939

Died: February 11, 2017

Algiers, Algeria