Clancy Sigal


Age: 90

novelist and memoirist whose soul-searching journey across the backroads of America provided the road map for Going Away, a memoir of a young man's explorations of his own past and the mood of a nation that captured in visits with old friends, former enemies, union activists, radicals, oddballs, and those whose lives had been upended by the so-called Red Scare in 1956, who wrote more than half a dozen novels and memoirs, worked as a Fleet Street journalist in London, became the soulmate of Noble Prize-winning author Doris Lessing, took acid trips with radical psychiatrist R.D. Laing, and wrote scores of newspaper commentaries, columns, and book reviews in a career that stretched for decades, who taught long-form journalism at the Universityt of Southern California and wrote screenplays with his wife, including the 2002 film Frida.

Cause of Death: Congestive heart failure

Born: September 6, 1926

Died: July 16, 2017

Los Angeles, California