Brenda Barnes


Age: 63

two-time corporate chief executive officer and chairwoman of the food conglomerate Sara Lee based in Chicago, Illinois whose decision to leave her job at Pepsi-Cola sparked a national debate about women juggling career and family, who had been CEO of Pepsi-Cola North America for 18 months when she decided in 1997 to step down saying that after her 20 years of grueling hours away from home she wanted to spend time with her three children while she was 43 at the time and overseeing PepsiCo's chief profit engine based in Somers, New York making her one of the most recognized women in corporate America, but who accepted an offer to be top executive at Sara Lee in 2004 with her children in high school becoming one of the few women to run a major American corporation (and given a mandate to revive Sara Lee's sinking fortunes).

Cause of Death: Complications from a stroke

Born: November 11, 1953

Died: January 17, 2017

Naperville, Illinois