Baldwin Lonsdale


Age: 68

Anglican priest and president of Vanuatu who had been leader of the Pacific archipelago since September 2014 and oversaw the vast rebuilding of parts of Vanuatu after Cyclone Pam left an estimated 75,000 people homeless in March 2015 while president, but who vowed to clean up corruption in Vanuatu after a scandal involving his deputy in October 2015 when Speaker of Parliament Marcellino Pipite was convicted of giving and receiving corrupt payments over a vote of no confidence in a previous government, but he went on to pardon himself and the other 13 MPs (half of the country's parliament) while the president was out of the country, then rescinded on his return.

Cause of Death: Heart attack

Born: August 5, 1948

Died: June 17, 2017

Port Vila, Vanuatu