Aloysius Gordon


Age: 85

Jamaican jazz singer and pianist who came to public attention in the 1960's during the infamous Profumo Affair that toppled the British government and was one of four men romantically linked with a 19-year-old party girl named Christine Keeler while she was also having affairs with the British minister of war John Profumo and Soviet embassy naval attache Yevgeni Ivanov at the same time when the British intelligence unit MI5 began investigating the Keeler/Profumo/Ivanov rumors in late 1962, who was given a three-year prison sentence for assaulting Keeler despite allegations of espionage have never been proven and later worked as a cook in London for Island Records founder Chris Blackwell, but who was affected by its consequences of the scandal for the rest of his life.

Cause of Death: Natural causes

Born: July 5, 1931

Died: March 15, 2017

London, England