Youree Dell Harris


Age: 53

actress who played Jamaican psychic Miss Cleo claiming to know callers' futures in TV informercials and commercials in 2001 when the Psychic Readers Network hired her in the late 1990's after she adopted her family's Jamaican heritage for the role persuading viewers to call for allegedly free psychic readings, but consumers dialing a toll-free number were redirected to a 900 number charing $4.99 per minute (nearly 6 million people made such calls and were charged an average of psychic readings), in which the Psychic Readers Network's parent company forgave $500 million in customer charges in a 2002 settlement.

Cause of Death: Metastatic colon cancer

Born: August 12, 1962

Died: July 26, 2016

Palm Beach, Florida