Thomas Cholmondeley


Age: 48

Kenyan farmer and scion of one of Kenya's richest and most fabled white families who was a great-grandson of Hugh Cholmondeley, the 3rd Baron Delamere, a British aristocrat who came to Kenya more than a century ago on a lion-hunting safari, fell in love with the country, and became one of its most powerful settlers, but many Kenyans knew he was a killer after he was implicated in two deadly shootings of black men (the first was an undercover wildlife officer whom he mistook for a robber in 2005, the second was a poacher who trespassed on his estate in 2006), who was not prosecuted for the first shooting but was convicted of manslaughter for the second and spent three years in an overcrowded Kenyan prison.

Cause of Death: Complications after surgery

Born: June 19, 1968

Died: August 17, 2016

Nairobi, Kenya