Shimon Peres


Age: 93

former president and prime minister of Israel from 2007 to 2014 who was celebrated around the world as a Nobel Prize-winning visionary who pushed his country toward peace and was the elder statesman of Israeli politics considered as one of the country's most admired leaders and the last surviving link to its founding fathers, but who filled nearly every position in Israeli public life during an unprecedented 70-year political career and was credited with leading the country through some of its most defining moments from creating its nuclear arsenal in the 1950's to disentangling its troops from Lebanon and rescuing its economy from triple-digit inflation in the 1980's to guiding a skeptical nation into peace talks with the Palestinians in the 1990's.

Cause of Death: Complications from a stroke

Born: August 2, 1923

Died: September 28, 2016

Jerusalem, Israel