Quentin Heslouin


Age: 41

French vice president of business development at the Internet payment infrastructure provider Earthport PLC based in London, England who was among one of 66 passengers and crew members reported missing and presumed dead aboard on the ill-fated EgyptAir Flight 804 passenger jet when the Cairo-bound aeroplane had disappeared from radar screens of Greek air traffic controllers while flying in clear weather and suddenly plunged into the Mediterranean Sea after smoke or fog was detected in one of the aircraft's lavaroties and in the avionics bay shortly before it was due to land, in which flight data suggest an "internal explosion" tore through the right side of the plane even though security experts have been speculating that a terrorist attack is the most likely cause than mechanical failure, but the cause of the airline disaster remains under investigation.

Cause of Death: Airplane accident

Born: 1975

Died: May 19, 2016

Karpathos, Greece