Michael Massee


Age: 64

character actor who fired the gun on the set of The Crow that accidentally killed Brandon Lee (the son of the late martial arts star Bruce Lee) in 1993 and was devastated before he took a long sabbatical but eventually returned to acting, who played a terrorist on the first season of the hit Fox action series 24 and a Satanist murderer on the NBC miniseries Revelations in 2005, and who also appeared in several high-profile films released in 1997 including David Lynch's Lost Highway, Steven Speilberg's Amistad, and Wim Wenders' The End of Violence, but who most recently played a mysterious gentleman in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) and its 2014 sequel.

Cause of Death: Stomach cancer

Born: September 1, 1952

Died: October 20, 2016

Los Angeles, California