Michael Kulich


Age: 29

founder and chairman of the adult entertainment company Monarchy Distribution, Inc. who got his start by selling Playboy magazines out of the trunk of his car to classmates at a Wesport, Connecticut high school and became a top executive in the adult film industry, who was also known working as a publicist for Turing Pharmaceuticals LLC founder and former CEO Martin "Pharma Bro" Shkreli and whose client xHamster.com had recently banned state-based users with North Carolina IP addresses from using their service when North Carolina passed what became known as the anti-transgender "bathroom bill" in April 2016, but who said the popular porn website plans to replace the black screen currently displayed by visitors that would stay in place until the state repealed the bill.

Cause of Death: In his sleep

Born: December 24, 1986

Died: September 24, 2016

Los Angeles, California