Marisol Escobar


Age: 85

Venezuelan-American sculptor and artist who fused Pop Art imagery and folk art in assemblages and sculptures with her mysterious persona that made her one of the most compelling artists on the New York scene in the 1960's, who introduced a new element to the emerging Pop Art lexicon when she began exhibiting in New York in the late 1950's and was influenced by pre-Columbian art as she began constructing tableaus of carved wooden figures embellished with drawings, fabric, and found objects, but who often appeared at parties beside Andy Warhol (d. 1987) who turned the camera on her in his underground films The Kiss (1962) and 13 Most Beautiful Women (1963).

Cause of Death: Pneumonia

Born: May 22, 1930

Died: April 30, 2016

New York City, New York