Marc de Bonte


Age: 26

Belgian Muay Thai kickboxer who made his debut with the Glory Promotions in 2012 and won a silver medal at the IFMA World Championships as an amateur, but who stepped away from kickboxing citing his frustration with low fighter pay and had recently returned to the sport after leaving to focus on boxing following his loss to Canadian welterweight champion Joseph Valtellini in 2014 via unaminous decision to take his Glory Welterweight Championship qualifying for China's Kunlun -80kg title tournament semi-finals and moving on the the next round, who has been reported missing by the Dutch and Belgian authorities since November 5, 2016 while he was on a drive from his gym en route to his girlfriend's house but never arrived and whose car was found next to the Wilhelminakanaal river in the Netherlands shortly thereafter.

Cause of Death: Undetermined causes

Born: February 27, 1990

Died: November 5, 2016

Oirschot, the Netherlands