Jonathan D. Krane



Age: 64


Summary: movie producer who is best remembered for his dozen films starring friend actor John Travolta in such TV and feature films starting with the 1989 low-budget comedy Look Who's Talking, which went on to gross nearly $300 million worldwide spawning less successful sequels, whose other collaborations included The Experts (1989), Chains of Gold (1991), Phenomenon (1996), Michael (1996), The General's Daughter (1999), Battlefield Earth (2000), Lucky Numbers (2000), Swordfish (2001), Domestic Disturbance (2001) and Basic (2003). who also produced the action-packed Face/Off (1997) directed by John Woo and Mike Nichols' election campaign movie Primary Colors (1998), and who is the husband of Oscar-nominated M*A*S*H actress Sally Kellerman.



Cause of Death: Heart attack


Born: May 1, 1952


Died: August 1, 2016


Location: Hollywood, California