Joao Havelange


Age: 100

president of the Federation Internationale de Football Association for more than 20 years from 1974 to 1998 who transformed soccer's governing body into a multibillion-dollar business and it became a hotbed for subsequent corruption that damaged its reputation, who led off Rio's bid represenation to the International Olympic Committee in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2009 by inviting the members to vote to "join me in celebrating my 100th birthday" at the 2016 Games in Brazil after he expanded the World Cup from 16 to 32 teams and made it one of sports' most important events by securing lucrative broadcast deals bringing nations into FIFA and creating the women's World Cup (with more cash for football also came widespread financial wrongdoing by its top officials, including Havelange), but who resigned in December 2011 as a member of the IOC just days before its leadership was epxected to suspend him and rule on claims that he took a $1 million kickback.

Cause of Death: Respiratory infection

Born: May 8, 1916

Died: August 16, 2016

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil