Charlie Keating IV


Age: 31

decorated Iraq War combat veteran and grandson of notorious Arizona banker and financier Charles H. Keating, Jr. (d. 2014) whose late grandfather was the central figure in a financial scandal that saw his real estate company and its subsidiary Lincoln Savings & Loan Association to become mired in the savings-and-loan crisis of the 1980's who was a former student-athlete at Indiana University before he enlisted in the Navy in February 2007 to become a Navy SEAL, then served as a platoon leading petty officer of a SEAL team based out of Coronado, California and who was recently deployed to Iraq to advise local Kurdish Peshmerga forces and conduct Special Operations missions against the ISIS terror group.

Cause of Death: Gunshot wounds suffered in a small-arms fire

Born: February 1, 1985

Died: May 3, 2016

Irbil, Iraq