Ali Daqneesh


Age: 10

older brother of Omran Daqneesh, the 5-year-old Syrian boy whose dazed and bloodied image gained worldwide attention after the opposition activist group Aleppo Media Center released a footage showing him sitting alone in an ambulance after being pulled from the rubble of his collapsed home in a widely circulated photograph that caused international outrage on global media and became an iconic symbol of the turmoil of Syria's devastating civil war, and who had been hospitalized in critical condition since Aug. 17, 2016 after suffering internal bleeding and organ damage from injuries he sustained in a reported Syrian government or Russian airstrike that hit his family's apartment building in the rebel-held Qaterji neighborhood of Aleppo, Syria.

Cause of Death: Injuries sustained in the airstrike

Born: circa 2006

Died: August 20, 2016

Aleppo, Syria