Tony Ayala, Jr.


Age: 52

Summary: light middle-weight boxer who became a rising star in boxing as a 1979 Golden Gloves champion before a 1983 rape conviction that led to the first two long prison terms when he was arrested at age 19 and later convicted of raping a schoolteacher in New Jersey, who was undefeated in 22 bouts with 19 knockouts and set to fight Davey Moore for a junior middleweight title before the arrest, but who was shot in the shoulder by a Texas woman after allegedly breaking into her home and refusing to leave in 2000 for which he got probation and a short jail term in a plea agreement after serving 16 years of a 35-yeat term for the rape, and who went back to prison for 10 years when he violated parole in that case.

Cause of Death: Apparent heart attack

Born: February 13, 1963

Died: May 12, 2015

San Antonio, Texas