Su Chia-sheng


Age: 23

Taiwanese junior-year dental student at Taipei Medical University in Taiwan who was among one of nearly 500 people critically injured in the aftermath of a June 27 dust explosion and flash fire after suffering second and third-degree burns to 73 percent of his body when large amounts of multi-colored powder exploded over a crowd of partygoers and erupted into flames during a stage performance at a "Color Play Asia" pool party inspired by India's Holi Festival at the Formosa Fun Coast recreational water park in New Taipei City's Bali District becoming the worst disaster of its kind in Taiwan's history, in which the cause of the explosion is still being investigated but some reports blamed smoking by staff members or spectators while other theories speculated about the storage of the flammable cornstarch-based powder in 35-degree temperatures.

Cause of Death: Brain edema due to injuries sustained in a fire

Born: 1992

Died: July 10, 2015

New Taipei City, Taiwan