Shmuel Benalal


Age: 60

Israeli education consultant and president of the consulting company Telos Group Ltd. that specializes in the international development of education and society who was among one of 20 known fatalities reportedly shot and killed in a November 20 terrorist attack and hostage situation at the Radisson Blu Hotel in the Malian capital city of Bamako when at least three Islamist militants with links to Al-Qaida had stormed the luxury hotel and taken about 170 people hostage during a day-long siege and mass shooting that ended after Malian Special Forces commandos subsequently raided the hotel and freed the surviving hostages, in which the jihadist group Al-Mourabitoun has claimed responsibility for the attack in co-operation with al-Qaida and it became the lastest in a series of deadly raids on high-profile targets in the country this year.

Cause of Death: Gunshot wounds

Born: 1955

Died: November 20, 2015

Bamako, Mali