Michael "Mick" Cunningham


Age: 65

Irish veteran criminal and convicted kidnapper who along with his brother John Cunningham and their associate Anthony Kelly (d. 2005) were behind a string of armed robberies in the 1970's when they had strong connections with the gang led by reputed Irish crime boss Martin "The General" Cahill and became household names after their convictions for the 1986 armed kidnapping of merchant banker's wife Jennifer Guinness from her north Dublin home after he and his gang took the family hostage and demanded a 2 million pound ransom for Guinness' safe return before the Gardai Siochana rescued her eight days later following an all-night siege, in which the Cunningham brothers were convicted at the time of their arrest and jailed for 17 and 14 years respectively for the role in the high-profile kidnapping.

Cause of Death: Massive heart attack

Born: circa 1949

Died: January 5, 2015

Dublin, Ireland