Les Munro


Age: 96

Summary: New Zealand last surviving pilot from the World War II "Dambuster" mission targeting German infrastructure as the team of top pilots were secretly trained in 1943 to master flying at high speeds, low altitudes, and in the dark while the British team was tasked with flying over Germany and dropping a specially designed bouncing bomb to destroy dams, where more than 50 of the 133 airmen were killed during the raid but it was considered a success after two dams were destroyed, flooding factories and killing more than 1,000 German citizens in the Ruhr valley while also boosting morale back in Britain, and who himself was unable to complete the mission after his Lancaster bomber was hit by enemy fire and was forced to return to base, in which the mission inspired a book and a 1955 movie called The Dam Busters.

Cause of Death: Heart ailment

Born: April 5, 1919

Died: August 4, 2015

Auckland, New Zealand