Kalief Browder


Age: 22

Summary: former detainee of New York's Rikers Island prison whose case became a symbol of what many saw as a broken criminal justice system after an article about him appeared in the New Yorker in October 2014 who was sent to Rikers Island when he was 16 years old after he was accused of stealing a backpack and spent three years at the New York jail complex with nearly two of them in solitary confinement, where he was repeatedly beaten by correction officers and fellow inmates even though he never stood trial or was found guilty of any crime, but who refused several offers to take a plea deal including one that would have released him immediately while institing he was innocent before prosecutors ultimately dropped the charges, and whose paranoia grew in the two years after his release.

Cause of Death: Suicide by hanging

Born: May 25, 1993

Died: June 6, 2015

Bronx, New York