Javier Methol


Age: 79

Uruguayan businessman and public speaker who was one of 16 miraculuous survivors of the so-called "Miracle of the Andes" when a passenger plane carrying a leading Uruguayan rugby team crashed into the snowy Andes Mountains in October 1972 with 45 people on board after having lost its wings and tail as the fuselage careered down the mountain on its belly like a toboggan before thudding to a rest in deep snow, whose wife Liliana Methol was the only surviving woman in the group and later died in an avalanche along with eight of the original survivors two weeks after the crash, but the 16 survivors managed to survive for 73 days until two of their number made it back to civilization and sent rescue, in which the survivors' story was told in the 1974 book Alive by Piers Paul Read and a 1993 Hollywood film starring Ethan Hawke (with Sam Behrens playing Methol).

Cause of Death: Cancer

Born: December 11, 1935

Died: June 4, 2015

Montevideo, Uruguay