Gary Linderman


Age: 60

Summary: owner and proprietor of the Ole Miner Pharmacy in the once-booming lead- and zinc-mining town of Picher in the northeastern corner of Oklahoma, which has sat at the center of the Tri-State Mining District in a rural area of Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri that was the lead and zinc capital of the world at its peak in 1926 just eight years after it was founded, but the town had been empyting out for years during an exodus that accelerated when it was declared a Superfund site after a 2008 tornado leveled homes, flipped cars, and destroyed the last place in town to buy gasoline, and who had no intention of leaving even as his friends, neighbors, and customers gave up on Picher.

Cause of Death: Undisclosed illness

Born: September 8, 1954

Died: June 6, 2015

Picher, Oklahoma