Eric Vandercar


Age: 53

Summary: senior managing director of institutional sales and trading at the New York office of the Chicago-based financial services firm Mesirow Financial, Inc.
who was among one of six known fatalities involved in the horrific February 3 Metro-North Railroad commuter train accident that also seriously injured at least 15 other passengers when the crowded outbound Harlem line train collided with a sport-utility vehicle stopped on the tracks at a grade crossing between the Valhalla and Mount Pleasant stations in New York's Westchester County becoming one of the nation's deadliest passenger train crash in the United States since the 2009 Washington Metro train collision that killed nine people and injured 80 others, in which investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board has been determining the cause of the fatal collision since grade-crossing accidents typically do no lead to fatalities on board the train and it was the second Metro-North train incident to result in passenger fatalities after the derailment 14 months earlier on the railroad's Hudson Line that killed four people.

Cause of Death: Killed in a Metro-North railway accident

Born: June 17, 1961

Died: February 3, 2015

Valhalla, New York