Andal Ampatuan, Sr.


Age: 74

Summary: Filipino politician and patriarch of the Ampatuan political family in the violence-ridden southern Maguindanao province on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines who was elected governor of Maguindanao in 2001 defeating incumbent governor Zacaria Candao in the May 14, 2001 gubernatorial election, but who had came to international attention in November 2009 as the prime suspect in the Maguindanao massacre, in which 58 people including the family of the Ampatuan political rival and 32 journalists were shot to death and buried with a backhoe on a rival's convoy in one of the worst political and news media massacres in the history of the Philippines.

Cause of Death: Heart attack

Born: 1941

Died: July 17, 2015

Quezon City, Philippines