A.J. Pero


Age: 55

Summary: drummer for the heavy-metal band Twisted Sister who was well known for a scene in the 1984 video for We're Not Gonna Take It in which he struck a snare drum covered with glitter sending it spraying into the air, who joined Twisted Sister in 1982 just before the Long Island bar band exploded onto the burgeoning heavy metal scene after nearly 10 years of slogging through small clubs and became one of the mainstays of the fledgling MTV video network with hits that included I Wanna Rock, and who had recently been touring with band Adrenaline Mob as part of a group with which he played between engagements with Twisted Sister.

Cause of Death: Apparent heart attack

Born: October 14, 1959

Died: March 20, 2015

Poughkeepsie, New York