Yoon Dae-ho



Age: 21


Summary: South Korean Navy sailor and second class petty officer who had been reportedly hospitalized in critical condition for less than a week when he fell into a coma after suffering a serious head injury while running maintenance work on one of the rescue warships with one of the crews that is part of the rescue mission unit to provide support for the Sewol Ferry tragedy on April 16, 2014 as he was searching for the missing persons from the sunken ship, in which the ferry disaster resulted in many fatalities and injuries with at least 56 passengers dead including 15 high school students on a school excursion and nearly 290 others remained unaccounted for at the site of the ferry's sinking.



Cause of Death: Complications from head injuries suffered in a ferry accident


Born: 1993


Died: April 20, 2014


Location: Jeju, South Korea