Tsai Ming-hua




Age: 40


Summary: Taiwanese military police lieutenant-colonel officer of the Penghu Defence Command in Taiwan who was reportedly among one of 48 known fatalities involved in a major airplane accident when the ill-fated ATR-72 domestic passenger jet TransAsia Airways Flight 222 carrying 54 passengers and four crew members from Kaohsiung City's international airport had crashed into eight buildings near Magong Airport in the Taiwanese offshore island of Penghu while attempting to make a second landing approach in stormy weather as a result of Typhoon Matmo before erupting in flames and seriously injured at least 10 other passengers on board as well as five local residents on ground, in which it became Taiwan's first fatal air accident in 12 years but the exact circumstance of the crash remains under investigation led by the Taiwanese Aviation Safety Council.



Cause of Death: Injuries sustained in a plane crash


Born: 1974


Died: July 23, 2014


Location: Huxi, Penghu, Taiwan