Shawn Bair




Age: 22


Summary: career criminal and suspected spree shooter who had reportedly shot and killed 20-year-old store employee Krystal Dikes and a female customer identified as 44-year-old Rachelle Godfread during a deadly shooting rampage at the Martin's Super Market grocery store in northern Indiana when he allegedly opened fire with a semi-automatic handgun within 12 aisles apart inside the supermarket and also held an unidentified store manager hostage for the next few minutes following a confrontation earlier this week, in which authorities said the suspect was known as a serial killer-obsessed drug addict with a criminal record including a 2010 conviction for theft charges and a controlled substance possession in 2009 at a different Martin's supermarket chain after receiving an 18-month jail term with 12 of those months suspended but no motives has ever been established in the shooting incident.



Cause of Death: Shot to death during a police shootout


Born: June 27, 1991


Died: January 16, 2014


Location: Elkhart, Indiana