Shalom Aharon Baadani




Age: 17


Summary: Israeli yeshiva student and grandson of prominent Shas Party's Council of Torah Sages council member and rabbinical scholar Rabbi Shimon Ba'adani who had been reportedly hospitalized in critical condition from serious head injuries suffered in a November 5 car-ramming terror attack that also killed 38-year-old Israeli Border Police officer Jedan Assad and injured at least more than a dozen other people including three soldiers when a Hamas operative deliberately drove a commercial van at high speed into a crowd of pedestrians waiting along the seam-line at the Shimon HaTzadik light rail station in the Arzei HaBira neighborhood of Jerusalem while he was riding his bicycle on his way to pray at the Western Wall at the time of the rampage, in which the Islamist terror organization Hamas (which rules the Gaza Strip) claimed responsibility for the attack and also called for a Third Intifada in Jerusalem.



Cause of Death: Injuries sustained in a terrorist attack


Born: 1997


Died: November 7, 2014


Location: Jerusalem, Israel