Roxanne Papken




Age: 25


Summary: bartender and waitress at the popular local bar and restaurant Paddy Murphy's Pub in downtown Bangor, Maine who was reportedly involved in a fatal two-vehicle accident with former Des Moines, Iowa two-term mayor Richard Olson after a sports-utility vehicle driven by the former city leader had crossed the centerline of a roadway and collided head-on into a pickup truck driving on the other side of the traffic lane along Maine's U.S. Route 1A main highway near the Lucerne Inn in the Hancock County town of Dedham, in which the cause of the double fatal accident currently remains unexplained but the main road connecting Bangor, Bar Harbor and the Down East region has seen its share of serious road accidents within a 14-month span in 2010 and 2011 after the Department of Transportation had already made improvements to the road in 2005 that reduced bottleneck effect.



Cause of Death: Injuries sustained in a car accident


Born: January 15, 1989


Died: August 5, 2014


Location: Dedham, Maine