Quentin Elias




Age: 39


Summary: French actor, model and singer best known as the original lead singer of the 1990's French boy band Alliage who had relocated to the United States in 2002 following his departure from the group and developed a solo singing career releasing a number of albums, EPs and singles through his company Quentin Elias Music and its distribution by Electro Boy Inc Records while he worked in New York City as a film, television, and stage actor and fashion model for Armani and Jean Paul Gaultier, but who was briefly involved in solo adult appearances on the Randy Blue gay male site under the pseudonym Q until he had recently made a comeback in France appearing in a number of tours with new releases for the French and European markets, including remakes of earlier Alliage hits and a number of appearances on popular French reality television shows as well as talk and entertainment shows talking candidly about his past.



Cause of Death: Massive heart attack


Born: May 10, 1974


Died: February 25, 2014


Location: Staten Island, New York