Mohammed Daher





Age: 22


Summary: Palestinian financial journalist for the Al-Resalah newspaper who had been hospitalized in critical condition at an intensive care unit for nearly a week from internal brain and chest injuries he suffered when Israeli warplanes targeted his home in the July 20 Shujaiyya massacre that claimed the lives of his parents, an infant daughter, two younger siblings, and a teenage brother-in-law at the scene of the attack after a heavy explosion caused by a random artillery shelling had led to the collapse of the three-floor apartment building over the heads of the eight-member family and burying them alive under the rubble during a battle between Israeli Defense Forces and the Hamas military wing Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades in a Gaza City neighborhood district along the Gaza Strip following a series of events in an escalation of the latest Israel-Gaza conflict, which has been launched earlier in July 2014.



Cause of Death: Injuries sustained in an Israeli airstrike due to the heavy shelling


Born: 1992?


Died: July 31, 2014


Location: Gaza, Palestine