Marvin Cheung




Age: 67


Summary: Chinese accountant and chairman of the Airport Authority Hong Kong since 2008 who became the youngest person to enter the Hong Kong partnership of the international accountancy giant KPMG in 1974 at tge age of 27 and rose to be the chairman of the company's China and Hong Kong business in 1996 in a role he held until his retirement from the firm in 2003, but who was also appointed as an unofficial member of the Executive Council of Hong Kong in 2005 despite taking an eight months' leave from the council in 2006 to receive treatment in the U.S. after a medical check found he was at risk of developing leukaemia before he resumed active public service following his recovery and resigned from the position in 2012.



Cause of Death: Complications from leukemia


Born: November 20, 1947


Died: September 13, 2014


Location: Hong Kong, China