Marion Setzer




Age: 72


Summary: wife of retired Nashville, Tennessee bankruptcy attorney Jon Setzer who had been reportedly hospitalized in critical condition for less than a week from massive burns to her face and chest suffered in mysterious explosion that killed her 74-year-old husband at the scene in the blast that blew out windows and damaged several rooms in the couple's rural Lebanon, Tennessee home on Feb. 10, 2014 when an "unknown package" with a note attached to a parcel containing a bomb had apparently been delivered to the home for unknown reasons and detonated just inside the house earlier this week, in which initial investigations ruled out accidental causes of explosion like gas leak or electrical malfunction but authorities said the sole suspect identified as Setzer's son-in-law Richard Parker was recently indicted with murder charges in the fatal explosion case.



Cause of Death: Injuries sustained in an apparent bombing incident


Born: January 1, 1942


Died: February 12, 2014


Location: Nashville, Tennessee