Lee Kwang-wook



Age: 53


Summary: veteran civilian diver from the Seoul-based private company Undine Marine Industries Co. Ltd. that is known for specializing in offshore and subsea engineering as well as maritime rescue and salvage work who had been reportedly involved in the underwater search mission for trapped bodies and missing passengers on the doomed South Korean ferry MV Sewol that killed 269 of the 467 people (including more than 300 high school students on a school trip) on board during the disaster on April 16, 2014 when he voluntarily came to the scene a day earlier to replace rescue divers who were exhausted from weeks of work, in which investigators believed the capsized vessel overturned because it was carrying twice the ship's cargo limit.



Cause of Death: Pnuemocephalus


Born: 1961


Died: May 6, 2014


Location: Mukpo, South Korea