Lauren Bacall




Age: 89


Summary: actress who was a movie star from almost her first moment on the silver screen after she had achieved immediate fame in 1944 with one scene in her first film To Have & Have Not as a fashion model and bit-part New York actress before moving to Hollywood at age 19, and whose marriage to co-star 23 years her senior Humphrey Bogart (d. 1957) made them one of the most famous Hollywood couples of all time known as Bogie & Bacall, but who also won Tony Awards in later years for her starring roles in two Broadway musicals based on movies like Applause in 1970 (from the 1950 Academy Award-winning film All About Eve) and 1981's Woman of the Year (from the 1942 Spencer-Hepburn film of that title) and an honorary Oscar in 2009.



Cause of Death: After a massive stroke


Born: September 12, 1924


Died: August 12, 2014


Location: New York City, New York