Krystal Dikes




Age: 20


Summary: stock clerk at Martin's Super Market grocery store in Elkhart, Indiana who was reportedly among one of only two known fatalities shot and killed by a crazed gunman identified as 22-year-old career criminal Shawn Bair during a deadly shooting rampage within 12 aisles apart inside the supermarket where an unidentified store manager had been briefly held hostage when the shooting occurred before the lone assailant was shot dead in a shootout with local police earlier this week, in which authorities said the suspect was known as a serial killer-obsessed drug addict with a criminal record including a 2010 conviction for theft charges and a controlled substance possession in 2009 at a Martin's supermarket chain after receiving an 18-month jail term with 12 of those suspended but no motives has ever been established in the shooting incident.



Cause of Death: Gunshot wounds


Born: April 7, 1993


Died: January 16, 2014


Location: Elkhart, Indiana