Karl-Heinz Kurras


Age: 87

German police inspector who served during the Cold War and was known primarily for fatally shooting unarmed student Benno Ohnesorg during a demonstration on June 2, 1967 outside Deutsche Oper against the state visit of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah of Iran, but who was acquitted of any wrongdoing in a series of controversial trials due to which he became a prominent hate figure of the left-wing German student movement of the 1960's as well as the German New Left while he was under protection from many right-wing figures (many of whom had served in posts under Nazism prior to 1945) in the West German police and justice system that were resentful towards the left-wing students, in which the incident is considered pivotal for the rise of left-wing terrorism in West Germany during the 1970's culminating with the Movement 2 June and the Red Army Faction.

Cause of Death: Brief illness

Born: December 1, 1927

Died: December 16, 2014

Berlin, Germany