Joy Rahman




Age: 65


Summary: Bangladeshi immigrant who had gained national attention in 2002 when he was wrongfully convicted to life imprisonment in 1994 for the murder of 72-year-old Swedish pensioner Marta Pattersson at her apartment in southern Stockholm while he was employed as a healthcare assistant at the time before he was freed by the Svea Court of Appeal after almost nine years in prison and later awarded 8 million SEK ($1,242,528 in U.S. dollars) considered as the highest compensation ever awarded to a person in Sweden for wrongful conviction, and who had used the money to found the Joy Rahman Welfare Foundation, which provides healthcare and micro-loans to poor people in Bangladesh where he was arrested again in 2008 on suspicion of murder but was later released due to lack of evidence related to police corruption.



Cause of Death: Unreleased causes


Born: 1949


Died: February 2014


Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh